Nature Inspired Design


Table Clock/ Nature Inspired Design

In today's day and age of expression through digital media, there has never been a greater need of something that let's us interact in a more physical and tactile manner.

In the age of digital wallpapers, applications and smart-phones, I have tried to create a product that provides and extremely specialised experience to the consumer.

What is Vata ?

Vata (meaning banyan tree in sanskrit) is table clock inspired from the form and  attributes of a banyan tree









User Persona




Final Design

Everything around us changes over a period of time, so why the product that reflects time remains constant?. Just like the  growth of the prop roots of banyan tree, this time piece grows with you.

Optical fibres grows vertically downwards from the bottom of the dial part. Server motors inside the ceramic casing are connected to the optical fibres. Similar concept of fibres moving downwards controlled by server motors can be seen in the kinectic rain installation.