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 Rental Packaging / Service Design

What is Popchi?

Poppy chicken is a rental packaging service that provides a rented gift unbox experience from the the lessor to the recipient. The whole idea behind the product in question is the element of anticipation and surpise, by being both creative as well as humorous.

Product concept

The popchi is an alternative form of packaging that we designed in place of everyday mundane giftwraps that we are used to. It consists of a clucking chicken that contains gifts inside them. Being flexible in the size department, it gives lessor ample options to choose from, in order to package the required presents.

The whole idea of this service is to create a uniquely funny experience to the recipient and to uplift their spirits on their special day.


concept explanation




final renders


In collaboration with- Radhika Iyer, Kirti Gupta and Surbhi Rajput