Yamaha DTXpress4

Yamaha DTXpress4

Control Module / Human machine interaction


Electronic drum kit has a control module which functions as an on-board brain of the kit. Drummers use this module to perform funtions such as selecting kits,playing pre-recorded rhythimic patterns,customizing tones etc.

Features vary from kit to kit, the expensive ones allows drummers far more control over their sound and playing.

The control module featured here belongs to the Yamaha DTXpress4 which is a popular,relatively cheaper entry-level electronic drum kit.


Problem Areas

Current Scenario






Final Module

The final module is a clean, unobtrusive tool that allows drummers to play their music at ease, without having to worry about on-board navigation.

1. Quick operations like changing kits, tempo, recording, and playback are performed by using respective buttons.

2. Faders are assigned to each pad to control individual sound levels.

3. The SETTINGS, HOME and BACK buttons allow switching between custom settings windows. The responsive select knob and button makes navigation within different menus easier.

4. The module also has a bluetooth feature which allows for wireless conectivity to headphones and playback devices from which drummers can access their playlists on-board.


Screen Interface