Vinyl player + Time capsule / Color Material Finish

The Shrine is a vinyl player + cabinet, designed by Sigurd Larsen.


Reimagine the Color, Material and Finish of an existing product with respect to a Perfection Mood based user.


A user in the Perfection Mood segment is extremely logical and organized with a concrete state of mind. They seek efficiency in things, but are open to new ideas if they prove its worth. They prefer things in atraditional manner, because of its time tested efficiency. Their environments are clean, airy and radiant, surrounded with impeccably designed objects. They buy products that will last them a lifetime.



Colour Palette + Moodboard





Final Concept


Final Concept | Tempered Glass to make you peek into the compartments, but be beyond your reach.

Imagine a scenario where there’s a celebration every couple of years in a living room or an office, people have gathered around the vinyl player, playing classics from our time and earlier, and one of the cabinets pop open as the countdown goes down. The cabinet could be holding anything, a reminder of the goals of the company by the founders or a simple USB stick with photo memories. In any and all cases, music and most importantly, the vinyl player would play a central role. Our CMF choices have been heavily in influenced by our moodboards, but we believe there’s scope for customization for every big company or small family in the product. A product that someone would chance upon in an executive’s office or a living room and think its dead furniture until the music starts playing. The sound of music won't be alone, though. It would accompany stories about the product, its history and the emotions they carry.